Waterfront Kitchen

I was super excited for this stop because of their work with Living Classrooms and especially considering they do a lot to support kids learning about gardening and food. Nonetheless, I have been putting off writing about Waterfront Kitchen; I was kind of underwhelmed.   Although, not at all by the location…  We sat overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.  The dining room is large and open and inviting.

I went for brunch a month or so ago.  We apparently had the first reservation, as the restaurant was not open and we spent a few moments outside enjoying the very chilly breeze :-).  After waiting a few more moments in the lobby, we were finally seated.  The host was sweet enough to take our coats after we warmed up.  And, I was quickly rewarded for my patience with a never-ending cup of coffee.  The service was quite good despite the large large party that was also happening in the dining room.

They are a seed to plate restaurant, so many of their menu items have seasonal, fresh, and local ingredients.  There are several vegetarian options that looked phenomenal – like their Extra Thick Vanilla French Toast and Valencian Frittata.

I went with my brunch staple of Eggs Benedict, which they serve with both fresh roasted ham and spinach on their house made crumpet.  I love Eggs Benedict and could probably write an entire blog just reviewing perfectly poached eggs.  The eggs were perfectly cooked and the hollandaise was tasty, yet kind of ordinary.  My good friend ordered and definitely enjoyed the vegetable omelet that was stuffed with goat cheese, mushrooms and spinach.  Both our meals came with the house hash.

The best thing on the table was the extra thick cut bacon and the house hash that is a seductive combination of white potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and peppers.  And let’s be real – when is applewood smoked bacon not best thing on the table (I mean, unless your my sister).
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