Regi’s American Bistro

It might be surprising that this was a new place for me.  Regi’s is a federal hill favorite – maybe so much of a favorite, all of my fed hill friends go a little too often.  It’s a cute little brick row house with very unique decor, including a ceiling fan that includes two old style fans that spin around.  We had a wonderful experience, a fantastic waiter and an entertaining bartender for when we transitioned to the bar for a little march madness (or in my case sadness)…

At any rate, it was new for me and it was spectacular.  First of all, brunch is my favorite meal and this one did not disappoint.

We started with free-flowing coffee and a croissant donut pastry deliciousness that was filled with a chocolate mouse and fresh strawberries.  I was too excited (and hungry) to be bothered taking a picture.  And, it was completely devoured before I even thought about it.  Honestly, you can picture it.  I could have stopped there and still raved about this place.

It was one of those Saturdays where I couldn’t decide between sweet or savory. IMG_1853It didn’t help everything on the menu was enticing: crab and spinach omelet, breakfast tacos, and the classic egg’s Benedict. I ended up choosing the Elvis Panini, which is a toasted sandwich that includes smooth peanut butter, fresh bananas and crispy bacon.  It hit both my sweet and savory tooth.

I definitely would have gotten along with Elvis at his dinner table.

IMG_1854My good friend – who initiated the brunch idea (and this blog idea) – was craving waffles or pancakes, but ultimately went with on a highly enjoyable raisin french toast. Challah toast in a cinnamon egg batter, also served with the ever important crispy bacon.  She is clearly more apt at taking food pictures than I am.  I was lucky enough to have a bite on the cinnamon goodness and I almost doubted my brunch choice.

Regi's American Bistro on Urbanspoon

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