Let’s Eat!

I have a lust for all things great: great food, great wine, great friends.  I didn’t realize I was a foodie or a wino or a craft beer connoisseur until the last few years.  I’ve even started planning vacations so that I can hit a particular restaurant, winery or brewery.  Since then, I have gotten really into food and drinks.  I guess I am kinda sorta an accidental foodie.

I eat out a lot – probably 2 or 3 times a week.  I tend to cook mostly vegetarian at home, but I am definitely not particularly strict on my diet.

Recently, I found that I truly enjoy talking my friends into trying new places; it’s quite fun when they kinda question where I am taking them only to be pleasantly surprised when we arrive.  This was the exact reaction when we went to both Birroteca and the Hamilton Tavern.

Then it hit me – I know a ton of great places in this city.  Enough, that I could eat out every night for a month and probably not repeat.  My friend is usually game, despite her qualms and complaining while enroute, she is usually quite adventurous, especially when ordering.  So with her help (although she doesn’t know it yet…), I plan to try new places in this amazing city.  Luckily, I have a few of my other foodie friends who can help me on my task.  It was another favorite friend who actually convinced me to create this blog to document my progress.  She and I will trying a new place during restaurant week.

I have been collecting a list based on mostly on magazine articles and recommendations.  Although, if a place has an interesting exterior – I might be drawn in.

So the goal:  Try at least TWO new restaurants a month.  I would love to say two new places each week.  In fact, I must say, I would love to say try only new places until I have tried all the fine establishments in Charm City, but my wallet just won’t let me.  I have been to a fair number of diners, drive ins and dives, but please, please, please give me some suggestions.

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